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  • Urgent Credit Repair

    $1,499 When it comes to protecting your financial reputation work with RecoverMyID.com

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    We will permanently fix your credit without dispute letters with a 99% success rate in Just 10 Days!

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What is Urgent Credit Repair?

Credit Repair Specialists that permanently delete and block negative accounts from your credit report, with a 99% effective success rate! We end the constant collection calls and letters and Fix Your Credit within 10 Days. Call 1-800-926-7945

Do not waste your time and energy with disputes and hiring credit repair companies who will constantly take monthly payments while providing limited to no results! You need our expert and professional assistance to stop the phone calls, mail, lawsuits, and repair your credit history and score all within 10 days. We are the top rated Premium Credit Repair Services Company used by Realtors and Bankers nationwide..

We will assist you to recover and restore your name, reputation, and credit history while effectively putting an end to collection calls, letters, and lawsuits. Call us today to discuss your options and see if we can help! Contact us at 1-800-926-7945.

What makes us Different?

  1. We do not send dispute letters each and every month because it is something you can easily do but provides limited results. So why would we charge you to do something so simple and ineffective?
  2. Our team of paralegals and legal professionals draft custom legal documents which are fully compliant with the Fair Credit Report Act and sent to the legal departments of the credit bureaus.
  3. When the Credit Reporting Agencies receive our legal documents the negative accounts opened by identity theft are permanently deleted and blocked for good.
  4. We always “block” the items, which ensures that another collection agency cannot re-report the item later and it prevents re-reporting of deleted accounts by original merchant by reselling  to another collection agency.
  5. The debt is legally barred from reporting and collection!

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Credit Repair Packages

Standard $1,499

Permanently ends all Collection Calls & Harassment
Effective Deletion & Blocking of following:
Late Payments
Charge Offs
Settlement Accepted
Medical Collections
Negative Items

Advanced $1,999

All the advantages of Basic plus following Removal of following:
Short Sales
Civil Claims

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605(b) Blocking Method

How it Works

1) Our team of paralegals in will draft your documentation at your specific direction and contact the corresponding legal and dispute departments at each bureau and with each individual merchant.

2) Our FCRA approved documents are received and processed by the bureaus within 10 days!

3) Your negative items are blocked for good from your report increasing your FICO score instantly.

Call Us at 1-800-926-7945

Please be advised that not every interested applicant will be eligible for our services. ID Theft services are exclusively for victims of identity theft. Please call us for more information. 1-800-926-7945

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