Q?How long does it take to fix my credit?

It takes 5 business day to process your files and prepare your documentation for your approval. Once all documents are completed we mail them to each of your credit bureaus and then the process thakes 10 days for the negative items to be removed.

Q?What is the difference between a credit dispute & identity theft recovery?

Credit disputes are nothing more than challenging the credit bureau and majority of the time do not result in meaningful deletions of negative items. Comparatively, the identity theft recovery and restoration process does not use dispute letters but we use a series of documents to prove that these accounts were a direct result of identity theft and we fight with your creditors directly and with the credit bureaus.

Q?What is your success rate?

Our success rate in removing erroneous and inaccurate items resulting from identity theft is 99%. There are some circumstances where additional information may be required for less than 1% of the clients we work with but those are rare incidents in which one or two accounts may not be removed.

Q?Do you accept credit cards?

No, we only accept Checks, Cashiers Checks, Wires, and Bank Deposits into our corporate bank account or Escrow payments with an approved service.

Q?What is the guarantee?

With any legal product there is no guarantee however our success rate is 99% and we will not take your case if it does not have a high chance of success.

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